Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Crumbs

Just wanted to put out a quick post that I have a new item on my side bar for Big Crumbs.  This is a great program for getting money back, and I use them mostly for ebay.  I tend to buy extra coupons I need on ebay (my favorite seller for this is kkswigs).  
First you have to sign up for Big Crumbs, I would appreciate the referral if you click through the link Here or on my side bar.  Then, once you sign up you can add stores to your "my faves".  Then you click through their store on big crumbs and do your shopping on ebay, etc. as normal.  
Every month that you make purchases they put money into your pay pal account.  
The hardest part is remembering to go to big crumbs and log in before going to ebay!

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