Friday, December 5, 2008

1200 Free Photo Prints, Photo Book & More!

Thanks to my friend Heather at to sharing this deal.

Artscow is having a fantastic deal that when you sign up as a new customer you get 1200 free print credits, an 8X8 photo book, and several other free photo goodies.  The only thing you have to pay is the shipping to get the items to you.

Click Here to check it out.  Go to the part where it says get 1200 free prints, Sign up Now.

Once you sign up you can go to the credit & discounts area to see all of the freebies that you have coming to you.  

If you enter the following codes into the bar you can get several more items added to your account:

FREE5XPBS for 5 free Photobooks

FREE4XPUZZLES for 4 free Photo Puzzles

FREE20ORNAMENTS for 20 free Porcelain Ornaments



Little Miss Know it All said...

Hey you!!!

Just a quick tip--the shipping is the same to overseas addresses as it is to US ones. I sent them to my in-laws in England and paid the same shipping rate I did to our house! Loved it!

Catherine said...

Hey! How is the quality? I saw another post saying that the quality here might not be very good. What have you seen?