Friday, November 7, 2008

The Best Price I've found for New DVD's

My friend Dana sells some that she buys from one of her friends who owns a store.  Ok, I know it sounds like I have a friend who's cousin's friend... :)
But, she sells them for such a great price I asked her if it was ok if I posted them on my blog and she said yes!  So, now you all can get the savings as well.

If you see anything you want, please e-mail her direct at: CHUBUBBER AT aol dot com (put in the @ sign & the .)  She takes funded paypal, but if you want to use a credit card with paypal you will need to cover the fees (e-mail her first to get a final total).

New Movies (still with the plastic wrapping): 12.00 each or 10.00 each if you buy more than one.  Shipping included.

Nim's Island
Camp Rock
Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds 3D
Sleeping Beauty
Sex and the City
Iron Man
Street Kings
Toy Story
What Happens in Vegas
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Disneys The Sword in the Stone
American Gangster
Disney Jungle Book 2

Possibly Previously Viewed in the Cases (no plastic): 8.00 each or 6.00 each if you buy more than one.  Shipping Included.

You Don't Mess with Zohan
The Love Guru
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Iron Man
Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Concert
Speed Racer
What Happens in Vegas
Sex and the City
Meet the Robinsons
Forbidden Kingdom
Bank Job
Street Kings

She usually has more than one copy of the movies, so send her an e-mail if you see anything you want.  She is super easy to work with and ships fast, oh and she will ship to APO boxes, I got some movies from her last week.


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