Monday, December 15, 2008

Bzz Agent Word of Mouth Company

I just wanted to share about a Company that I participate on word of mouth campaigns for.  It is FREE to join and they run some pretty awesome campaigns from time to time. is their website.   I'm currently on a campaign for BP Gasoline where they sent me a $50 gas card and 5 $5 gift cards to try the product & give to friends!  This was one of the better campaigns.  I also just finished up one for Smuckers uncrustables where we got a free box of product & some 0.75 cent off coupons to give to friends. 

You just need to submit reports to them whenever you talk to people about the product on the campaign. Not very difficult.  You also answer a survey about that campaign when it's done.

If you decide to sign up, answer every survey they send your way & then go into their frog pond & leave some comments on the websites.  When you click on the "your status" tab they will tell you how to work your way up the honeycomb ladder.  The higher you get, the earlier you get invited to the campaigns. 

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions about this: chefcatnky at gmail dot com


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