Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nick Jr. Panel Polls

The kids & I got to see a preview of a new Wonder Pets episode that should be coming out soon on Nick Jr. TV.  It reminded me that I wanted to share this with others who have small kids and might want to participate in this program.  You answer a survey about the age of the child who is going to watch the show, watch the show on your computer with your child, and then give your opinion & your child's opinion on the episode that you watch.  
My kids have really enjoyed this.  We have see Wonder Pets, and an Olivia episode that we have been able to give our opinion on.  Something fun and different to do every so often.  They don't run panels all the time, but maybe every couple of months. You do have to be quick with your e-mail, these fill up fast!  Best of all it's FREE, and you actually earn points for giving your opinion.
Click Here to sign up for their program.


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