Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vanilla Sugar

 First of all, I would like to apologize for how long it's taken me to post this.  I took pics shortly after the new year and well, life has happened.  I love the blogging, but my real life comes first.

So, let's talk vanilla sugar.  Here is a batch I made about a month ago.  We get a bi-weekly organic produce delivery & they have a grocery area you can order items from .  So, I ordered 2 vanilla beans one week since they had them for a decent price.

I put 4 cups of sugar into one of my taller ziploc plastic containers, dropped in my two vanilla beans, put the lid on, and then forgot about it for a couple of weeks.   Here's what the vanilla beans looked like in the container:

Here's what the vanilla bean looked like when I went to pull one out when I went to make some gelato (recipe will be coming soon).  I did leave the other bean in the sugar so I'll know where to find it when I need to use it:

So, this is the vanilla sugar I used on the strawberries when we had our Italian Wedding Soup  a couple of weeks ago.

I also wanted to talk about another way you can make your vanilla sugar.  You can go ahead and harvest the seeds from the middle of the vanilla bean using a knife or other scraper and use them in a recipe or what you have planned for them.  Before you throw away the pod you can go to step one and insert the split pot into some sugar to make the vanilla sugar that way.  Set aside the container for at least a couple of weeks.

When I make custard, I usually soften up the entire pod in the warm cream/milk before I put in the sugar/egg part.  I take out the vanilla seeds and then put it into the custard and then discard the pod.  By making my vanilla sugar first, I've re-used my pod a couple of ways before harvesting the seeds for what I want to use them in.  You can't make vanilla sugar with a pod that's been soaked in milk/cream first. 

Any questions?

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