Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recipes Are Guides

I'm going to head on to my soapbox for a minute here.  The people who have taken a class with me have heard me say this, but I'm going to say it again.  Recipes are guides.  If you need to substitute something, go ahead.  If you have canned chicken broth or powdered bullion instead of the better than bullion, go ahead & use what you have.
The main time I would say to follow a recipe is when baking.  There is quite a bit more science involved and for a novice cook substitutions can be a challenge.
Otherwise, if you only have a half of an onion and the recipe calls for a full onion, you can probably still make it.  If you don't like spinach, don't add it, or replace it with chard, or put in something else you like. If you make food that you and your family enjoy you will probably cook more. And it will probably not feel like you're working much at all.
Ok.  Soapbox time is done.  Hope you all are having fun doing a little cooking!

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